Automatic Transmission Service and Repairs

We specialise in automatic transmission service and repairs Australia wide. We have one of the best automatic transmission repair services not only in the Coffs Harbour region but we also service and supply Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, and the Northern Territory.

Automatic transmissions & continuously variable transmissions (CVT) have become increasingly complex as vehicles evolve. The companies attempting to repair these units have trouble because manufacturers are tight-lipped with information on the latest technology used in their products.

Our Speciality

We often hear about customers that have a problem with one of these transmissions only to be informed that the repair bill will cost half or more than the vehicle is worth.

We decided to specialise in automatic transmissions to fill a void in the market by supplying quality low km transmissions with a great warranty for a fraction of the cost. We have a massive selection of auto dismantlers & insurance companies to choose from depending on our customer’s needs. Every transmission we supply has a vehicle history so we can decide with the customer if it suits their budget & needs. That’s why we have become one of the best automatic transmissions specialists in Australia.

Our Warranty

They all come standard with 6 months parts & labour warranty. That means if there is a problem they will supply another unit & pay to have it fitted. This warranty can be extended to 12 months for 10% on the cost of a unit.

Our Customer Service

We recently supplied a 2016 ford ranger automatic transmission to one of our customers. The transmission we found came from a vehicle that had been written off on a test drive & had 19.7kms on the clock.
Needless to say, our customer is very happy they have a near new automatic transmission & we saved him thousands of dollars.

One of the major problems we encounter is that most manufacturers recommend a fill for life policy, which means they don’t require servicing. This is not possible. These units must be regularly serviced at least every 50000km if not less.

We supply reconditioned transmissions & transfer cases to

automatic transmission serviceMine sites
Used car yards
Mechanical workshops
Leasing companies
Insurance companies
Private customers

Call, Email or Text the Automatic Transmission Service you require with your postcode, so we can give you options and freight cost.

We service Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide, and the Northern Territory.


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