Aussies love their road trips, but safe driving must always be a priority when you are on the road. So if you are looking forward to your next road trip with friends or family, make sure your vehicle is safe with our road trip checklist.

Check our road trip checklist, to help keep your family safe

  1. Fluids and filters: This includes the radiator, brake, transmission, wiper, clutch and power steering fluids, the engine oil and the fuel and air filters.
  2. Batteries and terminals: Check your vehicle’s battery, as well as any deep cell batteries you are carrying. If the voltage is below 12V on a voltmeter, it’s worth considering a replacement for your trip. Clean the terminals of any corrosion and if they appear damaged, replace them as necessary.
  3. Belts and hoses: Check the fan belt and any hoses you can easily see when you look at the engine. If any of them are wearing thin or contain holes, they will need to be replaced before your trip.
  4. Tyre tread and pressure: Depending on your vehicle and whether you want to go off-road, drive in mud or generally create havoc in the outback, you might want to replace your tyres with the appropriate 4WD models. Whatever you do, always make sure that the treads are safe and the tyres are at the correct pressure.
  5. Brakes and brake pads: Without brakes, you are going to be in trouble on your road trip, so make sure that they engage correctly and that the brake pads are nice and thick.
  6. Indicators and lights: Broken lights and indicators are so easy to miss during your daily driving, just make sure that they are all working before you leave on your trip.
  7. Recovery gear: If you are contemplating any off-road driving, then check and repack all the recovery gear you might need for your 4WD. This includes a tyre gauge and compressor, shovel, snatch straps, rated bow shackles, and don’t forget to have your recovery points fitted front and back.

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