Safe driving tips are very topical in Australia right now, due to the recent police campaigns targeting drivers using their phones. Even having your phone in your hand can result in a fine, so what’s the best way to handle a ringing phone when you are driving?

Here are our five top safe driving tips that all mobile phone users should practice when on the road.

  1. Focus on your driving: All of the research into the dangers of driving while talking on your phone say that you should focus on the road and not on your phone. This is one of the most important safe driving tips and the one that really covers all of the other tips below – leave your phone alone and focus on your driving.
  2. Do not text while driving: You might think that this is so obvious that it doesn’t need emphasising, but you would be wrong. If you text for just a few seconds and take your eyes off the road for say, 6 seconds (easily done when you are texting), at 60km/hr you will have travelled 75 metres! Just imagine driving for 75 metres with your eyes shut and you will realise why this is on our list of safe driving tips.
  3. Use a phone cradle: If you must access your phone while you are driving, the Australian Road Rules state that your phone must be secured in a commercially designed mounting fixed to your vehicle. You can also use Bluetooth to access your phone, but you must not touch your phone, or make or respond to a text message. Using a phone cradle is one of the best driving tips for keeping everyone safe on our roads.
  4. High-tech features: Most smartphones have voice-activated dialling and automatic answering features, which if you must use your phone is the safest way to do so, short of pulling over and parking. If you have an older type of mobile phone, it’s time you upgraded to a smartphone! This way you can use your phone and make the most out of these safe driving tips.
  5. Ignore your phone: Just because you can use your phone while driving, doesn’t mean that you have to use it. Why not leave it in your briefcase, backpack or handbag until you have reached your destination?

Thanks for reading our list of safe driving tips in Australia.

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