Buying a car can often be a stressful situation where you feel overwhelmed with all of the steps you need to take before the car actually becomes yours! From selecting the car and finding finance to inspections and all the paperwork that’s needed, here are our ten tips for buying a car and making sure you have ticked all the boxes.

Which car is right for you?

The car that is right for you is the one that fits in with your budget and suits your needs, but it must also be value for money, so make sure you do your homework.

Finding finance

Check a number of finance providers to make sure that you obtain the most competitive rates, because a dealer’s finance isn’t always the best fit for your budget over the long term.

Buyer beware!

Purchasing a second-hand car from a licensed dealer gives you a certain amount of protection that doesn’t exist with private sellers, so choose carefully.

ANCAP Ratings

These are the safest cars on our roads, so the higher the ANCAP score, the higher its safety factor. You can find these ratings online.

Pre-purchase inspections

A safety certificate isn’t enough, you need a qualified mechanic to inspect the vehicle so that there aren’t any unpleasant surprises!


Make sure that all warranties are in writing, because a handshake or verbal guarantee is difficult to prove in court.

Background checks

Evidence of these should be given to you by a dealer, but not from personal sellers. So do a quick online check to ensure that there is no money owing on the car and it’s not stolen.

Read your contract

It’s always a good idea to read any contract you sign, just to be on the safe side.

Check all documents

Go through everything, including the safety certificate and check the vehicle’s details before leaving the dealership.


Your last step is to ring your insurance provider from the dealership and cover your new car before driving away.

These ten tips for buying a car should have you set up with new wheels in no time at all!

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