Are you looking for easy car detailing tips? Trying to find the time to clean and detail our cars can be a monumental ask, but short of paying someone else to do it for us, it’s something we need to tackle ourselves.

So here are the 3 top car detailing tips that will have your car positively gleaming!

  1. Carpets: Brush the carpets with a firm brush to loosen any dirt and debris, as this will make it easier to vacuum. If this doesn’t work then put a latex glove on your hand and rub your gloved hand over the carpet as the static electricity will often draw out any remaining debris. As a last resort, you can use a carpet cleaning machine that will definitely get down deep into the pile and give your carpets a thorough cleaning.
    This is one of the most popular car detailing tips for cleaning stubborn stains and deep seated dirt from your car’s carpets.
  2. Windows: Use a vertical and then a horizontal motion, rather than a circular motion to clean your internal windows.
    On the external windows, use a horizontal and then a vertical motion. This way, when you find those infuriating streaks that always linger after you have cleaned the windows, you will know whether it’s inside or outside because of its direction! As far as car detailing tips go, this must be one of the best!
  3. Wax or polish? A wax essentially protects your car’s paintwork by leaving a protective layer of wax on the paintwork.
    Polish on the other hand, uses a soft abrasive material to remove very fine layers of paint to give a highly ‘polished’ look to your car. Slight imperfections in your car’s paintwork should be removed with an initial polish, followed by a finishing wax.

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